Stud Service

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What We Provide

     People come to us for stud service frequently. When the "stud service" pups are born, we normally receive one of them as payment...or there is a charge of $500 for AKC stud service. Occasionally the litter owner asks us to sell the other pups for them. This is a source of additional pups, additional bloodlines, and income for the litter owner. The litter owner gets 90% of the selling price of their puppies that we sell for them..

     We have 6 studs five of which are proven. Two are dark blue and gold and 3 are parti-colored. They are all proven studs because they have fathered puppies. We also have 8 month old Little Peter who will be ready early in 2012 if he prooves out. A lot of thinking goes into selecting a puppy suitable to be a stud.  He needs to be from teacup bloodlines, personable, good looking, healthy, and able to tie up with females larger than himself (with or without hands on help).  Then, when he is old enough he is breed to some females to evaluate his fertility and to look at  the puppies. The proof of a stud is in the puppies. Litter size, quality, health, and size of the puppies prooves the stud's worth.

     Vertigo (4 pounds dark blue and gold) and Cody (4.5 pounds dark blue and gold) are producing wonderful puppies 35% of which are teacups (under 4 pounds when full grown).  The litters are averaging over 3 puppies.  The puppies are overall very nice looking, very healthy, and they sell well. 

     Our three parti-colored studs are all proven. They are Ralph (6.5 pounds white, black, and tan); Wiggler (8 pounds white, blue, and tan); and Sammy (5.5 pounds white, light blue, and gold).  About 20% of their puppies are teacups and they are averaging 3.5 puppies per litter.  The puppies are healthy, very sweet natured, and they sell very well.  The parti colored Yorkies are somewhat rare and often beautiful.  

Services associated with stud service are listed below: 

1.      Advice on care of pregnant females.

2.      Whelping (birthing) advice.

3.      Tail docking and dewclaw removal.

4.      Weaning (raising) advice.

5.      Initial vaccination of the litter.

6.      Selling some of your pups for you.


Our 5 proven studs are disease free and we strive to keep them that way.  They are discussed below:



Cody - is 4.5 pounds, 2 years old, dark blue and gold, easy to breed, and his pups are dark and often small.  

His largest litter is 6. 

Vertigo - is 4 pounds, 5 years old, dark blue and gold, very handsome, exceptionally able and willing to breed, and his pups are ofter tiny. His biggest litter is 6.

Sammy- 5.5 pounds parti-colored (white, light blue, and gold), 3 years old, follows me everywhere. His largest litter is 4 and 3 of them were teacups. 

Wiggler - is 8 pounds, 6 years old, parti-colored (white, blue, and gold), and sweet natured. His largest litter is 4. Samy is one of his pups.


Ralph - is 6.5 pounds, 6 years old, parti-colored with a thick attractive fur coat. He is longer than tall, and is very gentle. His many pups have ranged from 3.5 pounds to 9 pounds. His largest litter is 4.


Stud service is done as recommended in the AKC dog book. Yorkies are hard to breed but more often than not, we get the job done. Usually the females are left at the kennel for two or three days for breeding purposes. After a successful mating, we charge cash up front or second pick of the litter.  Our studs are proven.