Our Guarantee

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We care about our service to you and the quality of your pet.


We care about the quality of pet you pay for and thus do all we can to ensure the future health of your pet. So...our pups are not sold "too young" and are given quality care and the necessary medication to ensure their health. 

Our pups are vaccinated with “puppy protector shots” and with “Neo Par”. Neopar is the best vaccine for the Parvo virus. The treatment of the pups for worms begins when they are 2 weeks old and continues every two weeks until they are 12 weeks old. This helps to keep them healthy and increases their life span. At 12 weeks old they are started on Heartguard. We have 4 types of antibiotics, 4 types of wormers, vitamins, and other health aids on hand. The pups we sell all have shot records that go with them.


Our Yorkies have plenty of room to run in the fenced areas...the fenced areas that keeps the stray and wild animals away... out here in the country. We don't want any parasites and/or diseases getting to the Yorkies so we also have the cement floors treated to kill fleas, lice, mites and ants. Our kennel is healthy and your Yorkie always comes with written advice on how to keep them healthy in the future. 

We like to sell our Yorkies when they are at least 12 weeks of age where we can give a fairly accurate assessment of their size and are thoroughly weaned.  A one year replacement guarantee is available against inherited disorders such as cancer, liver shunts, bad hearts, and etc. Disease, theft, and injury are not covered. We love our little fur babies and want them to do well and of course... we want you to have many years of joy with your Yorkie pet. Advice for their care and feeding is freely given and you can call us at any time.