Little Hart Kennel

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About our facilities

Little Hart kennel, owned by the Hartmans, is on an acre of land in Marion, Texas, just outside New Braunfels and in between San Antonio and Austin. There is ample space for our 12 dams (females) and 6 sires (males). Our Yorkies are fed quality food, have clean areas for living and space for exercise. We love our Yorkies and have learned how to care for them properly. Climate control and parasite control are central to their care.

We sell AKC pups and also provide stud service. In addition to the 4 standard colors we also have the rare parti-colored AKC pups, studs, and dams. We sell pups born in our kennel and also pups from stud service. About 25% of our pups are teacups and 15% are parti-colored. All of our Yorkies have personalities that make them good pets. The pups are whelped (born) and weaned (raised) in a climate controlled environment that ensures their health and well being.

Neil Hartman,....hard at work on the "Yorkie Ranch".

Below, the "Yorkie ranch house" where we greet our future Yorkie owners.